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Grease Monkey - Firestone #812

6140 Firestone Blvd.,  Firestone,  CO 80504
(303) 678-1616


Here are what some of our customers have said about our service.

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Jessica H.
Firestone, CO
8/14/2013 10:56 PM ETZ
" These guys have always been very friendly and helpful. I don't have much time at lunch to go get anything done, but they are always quick and knowledgeable. I've gotten a free car wash from them when I had to get my headlight replaced, and this last time (8/2/13 around noon) the person that helped me replaced my taillight for free saying that I was so delightful that it was on the house. He even left a wooden rose on my dashboard... SUPER SWEET. Being a woman does have it's perks I guess. ;) Whether or not they usually charge for a taillight bulb I don't know, but they were still awesome! "

Kevin H.
Firestone, CO
3/17/2013 10:56 PM ETZ
" The staff is very friendly at this Grease Monkey. They also do a great job explaining the work needing to be done to your car. "


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